My collective life’s experiences converge in art.  And in art I find a vehicle to interpret, extrapolate, deconstruct, and define the issues, pain and joy of this world.  I have delved in almost every art technique and have at times created my own.  Necessity pushes me to experiment, create and discover daily.  My career started in Information Technology: the art of bytes and pixels, but my heart and soul collectively pushed me towards art and music.  In the music business I enjoyed a successful career as a recording artist, gold record recipient, and Grammy nominee.  Art, my faithful companion and deviously devoted defender, has always been the common thread throughout my two careers.  Anything that dares sit still in my home will get painted, decoupaged, glittered, deconstructed, reconstructed, reworked, or photographed.  That is the way my mind works.  In constant search of ways to express emotions when words fall short, I wish I had several clones that could be sent out into the world to fulfill different projects.  One clone would create artwork that would heal hearts and mend broken spirits, my second would continue to create music that opens minds and frees spirits and the third would continue to create moving images, animations that in conjunction with my melodies and artwork would form a NOEMY TRYPTIC, a new artform that stimulates all the senses and poses many questions.  Sources of inspiration abound and often muddle my mind.  I have several plates spinning at once.  But the moment my message is clarified, I don’t stop until I have realized it on canvas, clay, melodies, or moving images.  My sources of inspiration include my Hispanic/American/Yaqui culture, my family, childhood, the human condition, socio-economic, and border issues.  Beauty and pain are everywhere, and I feel it all.  It begs to be captured, frozen in time.  In TRYPTIC all senses are awakened.  All can be seen, felt or heard.