NOEMY was born and raised in Las Cruces, NM to immigrant parents from the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. Proud of her roots, Noemy began singing Mariachi music at a very early age. She sang in her high school choir and recorded her first album at 17 years of age during her second year of college at New Mexico State University.  Noemy’s classical opera and jazz training was completed at NMSU where she minored in Music with an emphasis on voice.  After graduating from university with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a minor in music, Noemy moved to the state of Texas where she worked as a computer programmer by day and singer by night. After recording her second album and performing at several festivals, she landed a recording contract with the largest Latin recording label at the time, FONOVISA. Her first album “Eternamente” (Eternally) was released in 1995 and was critically acclaimed by the radio industry and press. Noemy was awarded a gold record for the high sales of this album.  The first two singles from this album reached the national top 30 of the Latin Billboard charts.

In the span of her music career Noemy has recorded 8 albums which have included many of her own compositions.  She is a Latin-Grammy nominated artist and was awarded the Monterrey “Premios Juventud” award for most promising artist in 1995.  She has performed songs in the many genres, including, Opera, Pop, Latin Pop, Mariachi, Flamenco, Tejano, Regional Mexican, Banda, Duranguense and Norteño.  Noemy plays flute, piano, guitar and accordion.  She loves electronica and mixes them with traditional Mexican instrument sounds.  

In addition to her music, self-expression through visual art has been a constant for Noemy.  In fact, she never leaves her home without painting or drawing materials and a camera.  She may often be found in a museum or gallery appreciating works of art and studying them to better understand the techniques involved in creating them.  She has explored nearly every form of visual expression including drawing, painting, sculpture, textiles, ceramics, photography and videography.  Currently she is endeavoring to express her subjects in a triptych form which includes music, painting or sculpture and video for each three-part work.  Noemy’s new artform breaks all barriers and is appropriately called NOEMY TRIPTYCH. She is also interested in the symbolism of face paint and how it has been used throughout indigenous cultures throughout history.  For the last several years, Noemy has also participated in the “Art Masterpiece” program which exposes elementary school students, who would otherwise have no formal art education, to art history and technique.

Noemy is also a computer programmer/analyst, graphic design artist and video visual artist.  She has a particular interest in ways in which information technology can be a tool for artistic expression. As a programmer analyst she has worked for American Airlines, Texas Instruments, Intel, Motorola and ON Semiconductor in North Carolina, Texas and Arizona.  Ultimately, a temporary programming assignment brought her to Chandler, Arizona where she met her future husband and put down permanent roots.  Noemy’s husband is a physician but also an accomplished and prolific photographer.  Together they form Dreamcatcher, a music, video and photography studio.  She is now the mother of four children and finds great fulfillment in watching them develop as young artists, musicians and scholars but also finds time to give back to the community by performing her music all over the Southwest and participating as guest artist for events like as Southwest Maker Fest.  Noemy’s signature inspirational design element is the feather.  To her it represents freedom, hope and her American/Mexican/Native-American heritage.


“Vive, Ama, Suena.

Live, Love, Dream.”