Noemy Fronteras


  1. Tu y Yo
  2. Después de Ti No Hay Nada
  3. Frontera
  4. La Leona
  5. Acariciame
  6. Volvere
  7. Quiéreme Mas
  8. Remove Edit Botas
  9. Vive
  10. Hazme Sentir
  11. Tú y Yo (versión Banda
  12. The Line (Go Go Go)

Fronteras CD cover Noemy warpaint option1

Album Reviews

Customer Reviews

Soulful and beautiful!!!

by cdoern

The songs on "Fronteras" are true to Noemy's singing style - soulful and beautiful! She once again shares her gift of voice and creative talent with the world and you will not be disappointed. I can only imagine that the rest of the songs on this album, available 12/2, are as great as the ones available now. I can honestly say I'm truly excited!

Worth the Wait!!

by Accept no Imitations

I've been a huge fan of Noemy's since my Dallas days. I've been hoping for something new from her forever. Well these songs were worth waiting for. Her voice is better than ever! These four songs are already favorites. Believe it or not there is a song in english called The Line (GoGoGo). It's amazing! So relevant and it totally rocks. I hope the rest of the album is as good at these four songs.

What a Voice!!

by Jwhite21

Powerful, deep lyrics with soaring vocals. It's clear Noemy pours her heart and soul into her music. Loved Fronteras from start to finish!!